Innovative Strategies Drive Public Service

As a public agency, CCTA is dedicated to listening to the public and providing vital information about the projects and programs your tax dollars fund, plan, and deliver. CCTA takes our public accountability responsibilities seriously, and strives to infuse all of the work we do with innovative opportunities for meaningful public engagement.

In 2016, the CCTA Board unanimously adopted a transformative plan to guide the next 30 years of transportation planning in our county. The proposed Transportation Expenditure Plan (TEP) was designed with the input of community members of every part of Contra Costa County, with the aim of promoting a strong economy, protecting the environment, improving the quality of the air we breathe, and enhancing the quality of life for all of Contra Costa’s residents. After months of extensive public outreach, stakeholder engagement, and advocate input, the TEP was approved by all of Contra Costa’s 19 cities and towns, as well as the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors.

The plan focuses on innovative strategies and new technologies to improve transportation in every part of the county, including addressing congestion on key corridors, more parking at BART, better transit and paratransit services, and enhanced transportation for seniors, fixing local streets and roads, and adding miles of bike and pedestrian pathways.

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority wants the future of Contra Costa to be one in which everyone has access to safe, convenient, and affordable transportation options throughout the county.