"CCTA is committed to making Contra Costa streets safe for everyone and helping all residents get where they need to go, regardless of how they travel."

Keeping Roads Safe and
Well-Paved for All Users

Keeping Roads Safe for All Users
CCTA is committed to making Contra Costa streets safe for everyone, regardless of how they travel. The Measure J Transportation Sales Tax approved by voters in 2004 dedicates funding for street repaving, trails through parks, and other enhancements to bicycle and pedestrian access. Our work often includes redesigning existing streets so that drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists can all stay safe while moving across the county.

Complete Streets

Measure J funded major improvements to Geary Road in 2016. These improvements make travel safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers and provide a safe and direct connection to the Pleasant Hill BART Station from northwestern Walnut Creek. The $9 million project included a new bike lane and sidewalks along Geary Road, street modifications at some corners, replacing a ditch with underground storm drains, and below ground electrical and drainage improvements. Providing safe, direct routes for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles to access transit hubs is a priority of CCTA and this project was a key addition to Contra Costa’s complete streets.

Smoother, Safer Rides

CCTA understands that sometimes the best choices are made at the local level. That is why we provide 18 percent of all county sales tax revenues back to our local cities. In 2016 alone, CCTA distributed approximately $15,884,000 to maintain and improve local streets. This funding stream covers essential repaving work and safety enhancements to city streets across Contra Costa. Together, local governments and CCTA make our streets safer and smoother for everyone.

Iron Horse Trail Repaving Project

In the summer of 2016, the Iron Horse Trail received 12 miles of new paving along the bicycle and pedestrian paths, promising a smoother ride for years to come. The trail runs parallel to I-680 between Dublin in Alameda County to Concord, largely along a Southern Pacific Railroad right of way decommissioned in 1977. The trail also connects directly to BART stations in both Dublin/Pleasanton and Walnut Creek.

These are just some of the projects supported by CCTA in 2016. In fact, CCTA helped local jurisdictions secure $10,000,000 to repave streets and improve bicycle and pedestrian access in 2016 alone.