Hercules Transit Center (1)

This project will relocate the existing park-and-ride facility (located on Parcel 1) in order to increase the supply of auto parking and bus loading capacity, and improve the environment for passengers and the public. The project will also provide a location for future rail service, should a rail proposal move forward. The new facility (to be located on Parcel 2) will have replacement auto parking (248 auto spaces) and bus functions (13 bays with engineered ramp access). Measure C funds would provide for approximately 174 additional surface parking spaces. Subsequent transit-oriented development on the parcels would yield additional structured parking spaces at a location ready for a future rail station.

The project will be planned and constructed by the City of Hercules on BART-owned property, and will be owned and maintained by BART. Right-of-way for the project has been aquired.

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