Ygnacio Valley Road Slide Repair (Phase 1)

Heavy rains in December through April 2006 triggered a landslide on a hillside in the City of Concord some feet away from Ygnacio Valley Road, a major route for commuters between Walnut Creek, Concord, Clayton and East County. This landslide caused the soil under Ygnacio Valley Road to shift, resulting in upheaval of the pavement along an 800 ft. section of the slow lane in the eastbound direction west of Cowell Road. The City of Concord closed that lane to traffic on April 6, 2006.

The City has received $2.4 million in federal emergency relief funds for the permanent restoration of the shoulder and roadway. A soldier pier and tie back wall will be constructed in the road right of way. This wall is approximately 420 lineal feet and consists of 36 inch diameterreinforced concrete drilled shaft with 8-inch diameter tie back hole inclined at 45 degrees on 7 foot centers. The damaged lane and shoulder will also be reconstructed.


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