Innovate 680

Innovate 680 aims at providing travelers with efficient, modern, and sustainable transportation system along the I-680 Corridor. With AM traffic volumes increasing 68% between 2000 and 2012, Innovate 680 provides for the corridor of the future with data driven technology to efficiently manage congestion. The program promotes an integrated approach to redefining mobility and addressing the increasing mobility challenges in the corridor through seven key strategies:

No. 1: Completing HOV/Express Lanes
No. 2: Cooling Corridor “Hot Spots”
No. 3: Increasing Efficiency of Bus Service
No. 4: Enhancing Travel Demand Management Strategies
No. 5: Providing First Mile/Last Mile Connections
No. 6: Implementing Innovative Operational Strategies
No. 7: Preparing the Corridor for the Future
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