Authority Board

The Authority Board is empowered to administer the Expenditure Plan, the Authority's Growth Management and Congestion Management Programs and to determine the use of sales tax revenue in conformance with the parameters established in Measure C/Measure J. The Authority also serves as Contra Costa's Congestion Management Agency, and as such, has final approval of the county's Congestion Management Plan and the Countywide Transportation Plan.

The Authority Board is comprised of eleven elected officials ("Commissioners") who have been appointed for two year terms by the Regional Transportation Planning Committees (two appointed members each from SWAT, TRANSPAC, TRANSPLAN, and WCCTAC), the Conference of Mayors (one appointed member), and the County Board of Supervisors (two appointed members). The two-year terms run from February 1 through January 30, and a Commissioner's term may be extended by his or her appointing body. Members' terms are staggered for continuity. The Chair and Vice Chair of the Board are nominated/elected annually, at the February Authority Board meeting.

Ten of the eleven Authority Board members are assigned to one of two standing board committees: The Planning Committee or the Administration and Projects Committee. These committees meet once a month and present their items for approval at the full board meeting.