Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP) 2009

The Countywide Comprehensive Transportation Plan, or CTP, is one of the key planning tools called for in the Measure J Growth Management Program (GMP). Specifically, Measure J requires the Contra Costa Transportation Authority to:

Support efforts to develop and maintain an ongoing planning process with the cities and the County through the funding and development of a Comprehensive Transportation Plan. 

The CTP provides the overall direction for achieving and maintaining a balanced and functional transportation system within Contra Costa - including a series of strategies and implementing actions - while strengthening links between land use decisions and transportation. It outlines the Authority's vision for Contra Costa and it establishes goals, strategies, specific projects, and other actions for achieving that vision. 

The Authority adopted its first Countywide Plan in 1995. The first major update to the Plan was adopted in July 2000. The second major update, which helped define the Measure J Expenditure Plan and GMP, was adopted in May 2004. The third update (available below) was adopted in 2009.  

In 2017, the Countywide Transportation Plan was updated again, and the final adopted plan documents can be viewed and downloaded here

  • 2009 CTP
  • 2009 Mitigation Report