Moraga Road Corridor Improvements

This project was completed in four phases:

 • Phase I: Brook Street was closed with temporary measures at the intersection with Moraga Road. The existing signal and crosswalks at this intersection were eliminated.

 • Phase II: A traffic signal was installed at the intersection of Moraga Road and Moraga Boulevard. Signals along the corridor South of Mt. Diablo Blvd were coordinated with an interconnected system.

 • Phase III: Extensive engineering study and public outreach was completed to determine the feasibility of major capital improvements, including the realignment of Brook Street with School Street, and construction of a pathway system to connect area schools with neighborhoods along the corridor as a traffic congestion relief and safety improvement measure. Other traffic operation and safety improvements were also analyzed, including intersection improvements at St. Mary's and operation changes at Brook Street. The right-of-way costs and environmental impacts were determined to be prohibitive for the realignment design, but all remaining improvements would proceed.

• Phase IV: Construct improvements developed in Phase III.
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