What We Do


The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is a public agency formed by Contra Costa voters in 1988 to manage the county's transportation sales tax program and to do countywide transportation planning.

CCTA is responsible for maintaining and improving the county’s transportation system by planning, funding, and delivering critical transportation infrastructure projects and programs that connect our communities, foster a strong economy, increase sustainability, and safely and efficiently get people where they need to go. CCTA is also the county's designated Congestion ... more

Streets & Highways
CCTA is responsible for ensuring the completion of a wide variety of projects that were included in the original Measure C Expenditure Plan and the Measure J Expenditure Plan. Some major projects, primarily on state highways, are being developed directly by CCTA. Others are administered by cities, the County, or transit districts with funds provided by CCTA.

A Strategic Plan is prepared approximately every two years and programs funds to individual projects in specific years over the upcoming five to seven year period. For projects that have local proponents (city, county, transit ... more
Transportation Planning
CCTA's planning efforts cover a wide range of planning activities, from setting its transportation "vision" for Contra Costa County to solving transportation issues along specific corridors or for different parts of the transportation system.

The Countywide Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP), is CCTA's broadest policy and planning document. Besides outlining CCTA's vision and goals, the CTP outlines the various strategies for addressing transportation and growth management issues within Contra Costa County. The CTP a... more
Bike & Pedestrian
Part of CCTA's vision for a balanced, safe, and efficient transportation network includes the encouragement of bicycling and walking in Contra Costa County. The strategies in the Countywide Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) include requiring local jurisdictions to adopt policies and standards to support walking and bicycling in new developments, supporting pedestrian-oriented developments, investing in trails and walkways, and encouraging local jurisdictions to develop bicycle facilities as part of a coordinated countywide syst... more
Transit & Rideshare
CCTA not only plays a significant role in the funding and construction of the county's transportation infrastructure, but also in its ongoing transportation programs. These programs are aimed toward reducing congestion, improving air quality, and providing mobility options for non-driving residents. CCTA does not directly operate any bus or rail service in Contra Costa County.

CCTA does, however, support public transportation operations by providing an essential funding source to ensure our county's operators can effectively meet the needs of the residents of Contra Costa County. A... more