What We Do

Transportation Planning
CCTA's planning efforts cover a wide range of planning activities, from setting its transportation "vision" for Contra Costa County to solving transportation issues along specific corridors or for different parts of the transportation system.

The Countywide Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP), is CCTA's broadest policy and planning document. Besides outlining CCTA's vision and goals, the CTP outlines the various strategies for addressing transportation and growth management issues within Contra Costa County. The CTP also "knits together" the various Action Plans for Routes of Regional Significance. The Action Plans, jointly prepared by jurisdictions within each sub-area of the county, outline plans for each regional roadway.

Both the Countywide CTP and the Action Plans are parts of the Growth Management Program (GMP), established first by Measure C and carried forward in Measure J. The overall goal of the GMP is to achieve a cooperative process for managing growth countywide.

Additionally, CCTA develops and implements the Congestion Management Program (CMP). The CMPs, which are defined in State law, are intended to outline "comprehensive strategies needed to develop appropriate responses to transportation needs."