Planning Tools


CCTA maintains several tools to support its transportation planning and growth management activities. CCTA also makes these tools available to local jurisdictions and agencies to support their planning efforts. These include:

  • The Countywide Travel Demand Model - providing traffic forecasts through the year 2030.
  • Technical Procedures - to assist local staff and consultants in conducting traffic impact studies, developing Action Plans for Routes of Regional Significance, and assessing level of service on Basic Routes.
  • Comprehensive Transportation Project List (CTPL) - a comprehensive database of current and proposed transportation projects.
  • Land Use Information System (LUIS) - a database of local demographic information available at the Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZ) level.
  • System Monitoring - reports on how the transportation system is operating, including the monitoring of Multi-Modal Transportation Service Objective (MTSO) and the Congestion Management Program (CMP) network. 

These tools are designed to support both CCTA and local jurisdiction activities. CCTA will use these tools to develop its updates to the Countywide Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) and the implementation of Measure J as well as in more detailed corridor and project studies. Local agencies also use this information in the analysis of general plan amendments and major developments.