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Comprehensive Transportation Project List (CTPL)

To support its planning, programming and modeling efforts, CCTA maintains a database of transportation projects called the Comprehensive Transportation Project List (CTPL). This database lists transportation projects for which jurisdictions and agencies are seeking federal or State funding.

CCTA has used the CTPL to create the required seven-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for the Congestion Management Programs (CMPs) and to define the "universe of projects" used in the Countywide Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP). More recently, CCTA used the CTPL to support the decennial update of its travel demand model and the Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (CBPP).

To view the projects included, visit the online CTPL database. (Currently, the site can be viewed using either Internet Explorer or Safari. Users of Firefox, however, as well as users of the other two browsers, can view and edit their agency's projects by going directly to the CTPL Project Input Form.) The database now contains over 1,200 projects in both Contra Costa and the Tri-Valley portions of Alameda County. The CTPL includes the location of the projects, the project type, project sponsor, a short description and costs and funding (where available).

Project sponsors can also edit and add projects to the CTPL database at this website. Instructions for adding or editing projects are available. If you are staff of a project sponsor and would like a user name and password so you can make these edits, please contact Brad Beck, Senior Transportation Planner, by phone at (925) 256-4726 or by email at

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