Planning Tools

System Monitoring
As part of its transportation planning and growth management responsibilities, CCTA periodically monitors the performance of the transportation system in Contra Costa. Two of the main efforts are the monitoring of the Multimodal Transportation Service Objectives (MTSOs) in the Measure C Growth Management Program (GMP) as part of updates of the Action Plan for Routes of Regional Significance and the Countywide Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP), along with the monitoring of level-of-service standards as part of the Authority's biennial Congestion Management Program (CMP). 

Multi-Modal Transportation Service Objectives (MTSO)
CCTA monitors the achievement of the objectives for Regional Routes established in the Action Plans and the CTP as part of the periodic update of those plans. The most recent monitoring of these objectives was conducted in 2013. For the full 2013 MTSO monitoring report including appendices, please click here. For the 2013 MTSO Monitoring Report only, please click here.  

CMP Level-of-Service Standards
CCTA has monitored the achievement of the level-of-service standards established in the CCTA's CMP since the first CMP in 1991. To download the most recent CMP monitoring report, please click here. Earlier reports can be reviewed at the CCTA's offices.