Marina Bay Parkway Grade Separation

West County
PROJECT BUDGET $42.3 Million
City of Richmond
Marina Bay Parkway in the City of Richmond.
The City of Richmond changed the name of this project to the Officer Bradley A. Moody Memorial Underpass in honor of Officer Moody. Richmond Police Officer Bradley Moody, 29 years of age and an 8-year employee with the Richmond Police Department.

This grade separation project is intended to resolve major health and safety issues for the fastest growing area in the City of Richmond. With increased activity at the Port of Oakland, long trains are more frequently traversing Richmond at-grade crossings. A reconfigured crossing at Marina Bay Parkway will reduce traffic congestion and allow emergency vehicles to access the South Richmond Shoreline area unimpeded. Additionally, the project would improve access to proposed Water Emergency Transit Authority (WETA) ferries and improve air quality by reducing emissions of idling vehicles.